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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gluttony: Poor Man's Food

I am terrible with my money. Saving and investing are two words I have yet to learn the meaning of. However, because I find myself penniless on countless occasions, I have come accustomed to making really inexpensive meals (I can also make an expensive one too, which is sometimes how I end up in this mess!). Today I experimented with PESTO! I recently bought some herbs and planted them in pots, left them on the window sill and after a few weeks of daily watering and great weather, I have some awesome growth! Two of the herbs I bought were Basil and Purple Basil, they smell delicious - so when I found myself out of numerous items I would normally consume, I turned to my plants for help.

Turns out I had two servings of spaghetti noodles that could be cooked (they were over a year old - but still good!!) and some Parmesan cheese (best before date was about March 2010, so naturally I have been continuing to eat it for several months), AND some garlic (I cut off the green part that was growing out of it). I looked up a PESTO recipe and I had all of the ingredients except for the pine nuts. They are expensive, and I buy them for salads when I'm RICH, but gobble them up quickly so they never last long, I used some walnuts and cashews instead (also had them laying around).

This is the recipe I used: and this is what happened:


 Wash the leaves and then dry them. Blended them in a food processor with the nuts and then with the garlic and then with the olive oil.

 Then with the CHEESE! I love cheese. Also, cook the noodles while you're at it so everything finishes at the same time.

Mix some of the pesto with your freshly cooked noodles. And then die and go to heaven because it's so fresh and creamy and delicious:

 And then I ate some watermelon with Feta cheese. I love cheese:

Also, I must point out that Sneaky Dee's on College at Bathurst has the best nachos. Feast your eyes on their KINGS CROWN plate. Everything, it has everything, including orgasms:

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