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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pride: Kate Thornley's Artwork displayed at She Creeps

This past Friday I spent a lovely evening out with Guise (Jenn) and some other friends at my favourite store in Toronto, Function 13. They have a really great gallery space in the back, and this Friday was the opening of a show called She Creeps, featuring work from a few young women in Toronto. Kate Thornley (a good friend of mine) had three pieces in the show!

My favourite of her three, in my very own SIGNED post-card format!

 Kate's three selections

Some of the other artworks:

They received a great turn-out for the whole evening!

SHE CREEPS runs from October 29th through November 29th at Function 13 in their gallery space. It features some brilliant artwork from:

Melanie Banks
Alex Boake
Inga Borisenoka
Kiyomi Burgin
Chelsea CAnlas
Anjo Chiang
Erica Glover
YooJin Guak
Frances Lee
Kristi McConnell
Kira Shaimanova
Sam Singh
Kate Thornley

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sloth: It's Kind of a Funny Story & Red

Just saw a couple of films at the Cumberland and had a lovely evening with Irene (yeesh, we might as well get married already!)...

 This one had an overall warm and gushy feeling to it, left us in a do-good moment that kept us going for the rest of the evening. As serious a topic that it touches on (suicide and mental unrest), it manages to throw in some good laughs and quirky kicks (as the title suggests). I even caught a nod to the great Pixies song "Where Is My Mind" during the middle when they played an instrumental snippet as part of the score! Then they also mentioned the band in a list of those that the lead female enjoys (lame!). Her character was the only one I couldn't stand very much, but then again it might be due to some of my own past experiences in High School that came flooding back... and not so much of the good kind. At the same time it was very nostalgic; all of the tough stuff one has to endure during "those teenage years" when you really feel alone and on the brink of SOMETHING, not knowing what exactly. As a whole, the film really gave its characters room to develop, interact and share themselves with each other and their audience. Great sequences with artwork and music (despite the cliched Broken Social Scene doing much of the music for an "indie, angsty teen" type of dark comedy). One large part of the film that stood out was how unrealistic the Psych Ward was (although I'm sure it wouldn't be much of a comedy if it was true to life). The actual state of such a place is EXTREMELY different (I have visited a few... not as a patient...), most are not so lovely and the staff are of a different character. HOWEVER, it's worth catching at some point in your life, not sure if it's worth the $12 - I got to see it for free so I couldn't really give you an answer here.

You definitely get to see your money thrown back at you from the screen with this one!! Enough Pyrotechnics and weaponry to employ my entire graduating class and possibly more for the whole year! As an action film it had everything: hero, girl he falls in love with/willing to risk his life for but of course never has to, awesome side-kicks, the funny one, and an evil villain... WITH A TWIST AT THE END! WHO KNEW THAT ONE WAS COMING?? AND MORGAN FREEMAN. Need I say more? What a great way to slip away from reality for a couple of hours. The parts of this film I couldn't stand were the extremely out-of-the-ordinary super-hero type of sequences that left me unable to suspend my belief for very long (Bruce Willis casually walking out of a fast-moving AND SPINNING car only to shoot on target without getting hit... all the while, the woman in the car is left unharmed and it parks itself only a couple feet away from his spectacular exit - YA FUCKING RIGHT). Also, if a film makes me write a review in 15% capitals, it must have been at least entertaining enough to get me so excited! Go and see your money dance before your eyes if you have nothing better to do this week!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Envy: How I wish I could have been on the set of the Empire Strikes Back

Just stumbled upon some very cool photographs from the set of the Star Wars film the Empire Strikes Back.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gluttony: FOOD

I'm a Foodie, and I've been cooking and baking a lot recently; mainly to freeze and have meals that can be prepared quickly by reheating. I find it's also easier to get more for your money if you cook the food you buy right away (no chance of it rotting) and I can budget better when I know exactly what I need for specific meals.


Irene and I made an apple pie! Note: peel the apples.

Tonight for dinner we had a Graduation Feast, and paired all the following goodness with a nice white wine from Pelee Island.

Baguette with thinly sliced pear, old cheddar cheese and prosciutto; oven-broiled to perfection (slightly toasted, soft pear, melting cheese and warm prosciutto!)

Grilled chicken (Rosemary with Peach Chardonnay Zest that also has garlic and acts as an olive oil mixture), steamed asparagus and spinach with thinly sliced apple, pear and old cheddar cheese and very little balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Vanilla gelato with thinly sliced pear, Italian Anise cookie and pear coulis (pear pureed with honey and a little bit of water).